What is CPTD?

Continuing Professional Teacher Development (commonly known as CPTD) is the system that helps teachers grow professionally.

In the same way that professional people (such as doctors or lawyers) are expected to develop their skills and knowledge every year after they have qualified, teachers are now also expected to further develop their professional skills.

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) created the CPTD system for all South African teachers. From 2016, all high school teachers must achieve CPTD points in order to meet the mandatory requirements of the CPTD system, while the requirements for primary school teachers start in 2017.

Teachers must achieve at least 150 points every 3 years by participating in various activities, such as doing short courses, reading or writing education articles, attending workshops, or mentoring other teachers. These activities can be initiated by the teacher, the school, or externally (such as when you do a short course through Embury).

What is SACE?

The South African Council for Educators was established to uphold the education profession. SACE registers all qualified South African teachers (which means you need a SACE registration number before you can teach). SACE also manages the CPTD system and encourages the development of teachers through the system.

Each teacher will have a Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) developed according to SACE guidelines, which will act as a record of your development journey.

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Embury is a SACE-approved provider

Embury is an approved training provider with SACE. We are a Category A provider, because we are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Our status as a SACE-approved provider means that:

What Embury offers you as a teacher

Embury currently offers 7 CPTD programmes to cater for a variety of developmental needs. Please click here for more information. Furthermore, we also offer full qualifications that are accredited by the Council on Higher Education. Teachers can also enrol on these qualifications, or on single modules from these qualifications. Please click here  for more information.