Sarah Govender
Embury has provided me with the opportunity to flourish not only in my soon-to-be career but in my personal life as well. It has been a refining experience thus far, and I endeavour to continue to make the best out of it.

Jade Govender
My experience of studying at Embury has been pleasant thus far. There are some excellent lecturers and staff on board who are always willing to assist you when in need.

Sona-Lee Lorrick
Studying at Embury has been the best decision for me. Embury provides academic excellence and puts its students head and shoulders above the rest. Studying at Embury has helped me grow and develop in ways I had never imagined. I have managed to reach my goals through the guidance and support I have received at Embury.

Lauren King
My experience at Embury has been an unforgettable one that will forever be a part of my life.The staff at Embury have encouraged me to continue to strive for the very best. It’s been an experience of a lifetime and I would not change a thing about it.

Micaelah Peters
I have thoroughly enjoyed all the knowledge I have absorbed in this warm environment. Being at Embury, I was quickly reassured of the wonderful profession of teaching I have chosen. The academic staff have continually inspired me to want to know more and always extend myself. “A teacher is a life-long learner.”

Naailah Akoob-Khamissa
Our Embury family offers an atmosphere consisting of enthusiasm, motivation and encouragement. Our passages comprise of smiling faces and cheery laughs!

Vaughn Nikolie
The thing that made my experience at Embury a positive one is the fact the lecturers are approachable and the quality of education is of a high standard.