Executive Management

J. Human
Chief Executive Officer
  • M.Ed. (Didactics)
  • B.Ed. Honours (Education)
  • H.D.E. B.Com. (Accounting & Economics)
T. Laubscher
Chief Business Development Officer
  • M.A. (Linguistics)
  • B.A. Honours (Journalism)
  • B.A. (Afrikaans & English)
M. Lee
Dean of Research
  • Ph.D. (Mathematic Education)
  • M.Ed. (Higher Education)
  • B.Ed. Honours (Science & Mathematics)
  • H.D.E. (Secondary Arts)
  • J.S.E.D. (Secondary Education)
B. Swain
Chief Campus Management Officer
  • B.A.
  • H.D.E. (Secondary Education)
  • Dip. Project Management
S. Kisten
Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Diploma Human Resources Management
  • Diploma Personnel and Training




L. Browning
HEAD: Curriculum and Programme Development
  • M.Ed. (Research)
  • B.Ed.
  • H.D.E. (Geography and English)
  • B.A. Hons. (Geography)
  • B.A. (Geography and English)
L. Chettiar
  • M.B.A.
  • B.Ed. Honours (Education Management)
  • P.G.C.E.
  • B.Sc. (Microbiology and Zoology)
C. Thatcher
Dean: Faculty of Education
  • Ph.D. (Didactics)
  • M.Ed. (Educational Management)
  • B.Ed. (Educational Management)
  • B.A. (Psychology & Biblical Studies)
  • HDE (Pre-Primary)
  • Diploma in JP Education
K. Nair
HOD: Examinations and Regulatory Compliance
  • PGCE
  • BTECH: Information Technology
S. Pillay
Finance Manager
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Accounting)
  • IRBA (Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors) Public Practice Examination

Heads of Division

Heads of Department

F. Oldacre
HOD: ECD Foundation Phase
  • M.Ed. (Psychology of Learning).
  • B.Ed. Honours (Learning Support)
  • B.Prim. Ed Foundation Phase
C. Trim
HOD: Social Sciences
  • M.Ed. (Educational Leadership and Management)
  • H.D.E. (Senior Primary Afrikaans & Geography)
V. Wright
HOD: Education
  • B.A. Honours (Psychology)
  • H.D.E. B.A. (German and Psychology)
M. Shepherdson
  • M.Ed. (History Education)
  • B.Ed. Hons. (History Education)
  • B.Ed. (History English and Natural Science)
R. Thompson
HOD: Maths, Science & Technology
  • MEd
  • PGCE
  • PGDip
  • BSc Hons

Administrative Management

M. Hutton
Financial Manager
D. Linden
National Marketing and Communications Manager
  • B.Com. Honours (Marketing Management)
  • B.Com. (Marketing Management)
E. Ramlal
National Student Support Manager
  • B.Com. (Financial Management)
C. Houghton
National Student Recruitment Manager


Senior Lecturers

T. du Preez
  • MA (Literary Studies)
  • BA Hons (Literary Studies)
  • BEd (English & Mathmatics)
S. Maharajh
  • Ph.D. (Education)
  • M.Ed. (Education)
  • B.Ed. Hons (Education)
  • H.D.E. (Education Management)
  • B.Ed. (Primary Education)
  • M.B.A.
N. Rimensberger
  • M.A. (Sociology)
  • B.A. Honours (Public Policy)
  • B.A. (English German & Politics)
P. Singh
  • D.Tech. (Language Practice)
  • M.Ed. (Psychology)
  • B.Ed. Honours (Educational Psychology)
  • H.D.E. B.A. (History and Business Economics)


C. Booysens
  • H.D.E.
C. Bredenkamp
  • B.Bibl.
  • Diploma in Special Education
  • Higher Primary Teacher’s Certificate
B. Collins
  • M. Ed. (Psych Ed)
  • B. Soc. Sci. (Honours Sociology)
  • B. Soc. Sci. (Geography & Env. Science & Industrial Psych)
  • PGCE (Geography & Natural Science)
G. de Wet
  • M.A. (English)
  • B.A. Hons. (English)
  • B.A. Hons. (Psychology)
  • B.A. (Languages Education)
T. de Wet
  • B.A. Honours (Psychology)
  • B.A. (English & Psychology)
J. du Toit
  • B.Ed.
S. Griffiths
  • M. Social Science (Counselling Psychology)
  • B.A. Honours (Psychology)
  • B.A.
J. Hendrikse
  • M.Ed. (Didactics)
  • B.Ed. Honours (Barriers to learning)
  • B.Ed. (Intermediate & Senior Phase)
A. Human
  • M.A. (Second Language Cognition)
  • B.A. Honours (Human Movement Science)
  • B.A. Ed. (Human Movement Science & Afrikaans)
M. Marks
  • B.Ed. Honours (Educational Management)
  • B.Ed. (ECD & Foundation Phase)
P. Miller
  • MA (English Literature)
  • BA Hons
  • BA
S. Mlambo
  • M.Ed. (Professional Development and Higher Education)
  • B.Ed. Honours B.A
C. Naudé
  • B.Ed. Hons. (Counselling)
  • B.Ed. (Foundation Phase)
A. Nienhüser
  • B.Tech. (Management)
K. Padayachi
  • B. Ed.
B. Pyper
  • H.D.E. (Physical Education)
S. Ralfe
  • M.Mus
  • B.Mus
G. Rayner
  • B.Ed. Hons. (Education Management)
  • Dip. In Education (Remedial)
  • D.S.E. (IP)
T. Rieckert
  • H.D.E. (Secondary Biology)
J. Ross
  • B.Ed. Honours (Education Management)
  • B.Ed.
S. Sweet
  • B. Ed.
Z. Zama
  • M.Ed. (Early Childhood Development)
  • B.Ed. Honours (Educational Management)
  • B.A. (Psychology and IsiZulu)
  • Primary Teachers Diploma Advanced
  • Certificate in Education Leadership-ACE
  • Education Leadership Adults Basic Education and Training-ABET
J. Ross
  • BA Hons (Drama and English)
  • BA
  • University Education Diploma (Post-graduate) for Secondary Education
N. Chamane
  • MSc (Chemistry)
  • BSc Hons
  • BSc
S. Chili
  • Master of Education (Psychology)
  • BA Hons (Psychology)
  • BSocSci
  • Education Training and Development Practice (ETDP)
  • Secondary Teachers' Diploma
W. von Hagen
  • BA (Psychology and Communications)
N. Mcwabe
  • MPhil (Education and Culture)
  • PGCE
  • BA Hons
  • BA
K. Kannapathi
  • MEd (Educational Psychology)
  • BEd Hons (Educational Psychology)
  • BEd (English)
P. Kistan
  • BEd Hons (Teacher Education and Development)
  • BEd