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Embury offers certain degree, diploma and higher certificate programmes in teaching through distance learning, which means you can study to become a teacher – or to improve your teaching qualifications – from wherever you live in Namibia.

What exactly is distance learning?

Distance learning is any type of study where you do not physically attend lectures or tutorials. So as its name says, you study at a distance from the institution or company where you are enrolled as a student. Another name for distance learning is correspondence learning, only distance learning uses digital technologies like live-streamed lectures in addition to traditional post to interact with students and provide them with learning content. You might like to think of distance learning as the 21st-century version of correspondence learning – a new model for a new age!

Students who choose to study through distance learning can complete their qualifications from anywhere in the country, and can also continue to work and earn an income while they study. For this reason, distance learning is often a favourite option of more mature students, such as those choosing to study towards a new career. That said, increasingly more young individuals are also choosing distance learning for the flexibility it affords them.

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What qualifications can I study through distance learning?

Embury offers you the opportunity to study towards the following qualifications through distance learning:

  • Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching (NQF 7)
  • Diploma in Grade R Teaching (NQF 6)
  • Higher Certificate in Pre-School Education (NQF 5)


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Note that the course material and assessment requirements for distance-learning students are exactly the same as for contact-learning students. This means that any qualification you earn through distance learning is exactly the same as the qualification earned by contact-learning students.

What support will I receive as a distance-learning student?

Out of sight does not equal out of mind at Embury! We have a dedicated distance-learning support team whose sole job it is to assist our remote students with their needs.

When you have an administrative query as a distance-learning student, you can email or phone us. And when you have an academic query or concern, or would perhaps just like a little personalised attention as you work through a particular section of a module, you can book a phone appointment with a lecturer. With every such appointment, the lecturer will phone you (so you don’t use any of your own airtime), and you can use that call to receive individual help.

Reasons for Studying with Embury via Distance Learning

Traditionally, you leave school and go straight to varsity, attending lectures and tutorials, with the goal of earning a tertiary qualification. But this option isn’t right or even possible for everyone, whether you’re a fresh-faced school leaver or someone a bit older who wants a career change.

With that in mind, we’ve listed a few things below that might make distance learning a good option for you.

  • You live in a smaller city or rural area, and there is no higher education institute nearby.
  • You have a job and need to fit studying in around your work hours.
  • You have limited finances, and so are looking for a very affordable study option.
  • You have really good self-discipline and know that you can motivate yourself to work on your own and meet deadlines.
  • We are specialists in teacher education.
  • We have consistently produced sought-after, classroom-ready professionals in South Africa for the past 20 years.
  • We only employ highly qualified and experienced lecturers to support you.
  • We focus on a blended learning model that incorporates:
    • a combination of digital learning and face-to-face teaching;

    • a dedicated team of professionals.

Take note that distance learning can be frustrating if you don’t have reliable internet access. You want to be able to go online easily to read articles, contact a lecturer, and chat on student forums. Embury’s online student portals are a key aspect of distance learning, as they allow you to connect with lecturers and fellow students so that even if you’re physically distant, you are mentally and morally engaged and supported.

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