Embury is dedicated to the education and training of competent graduates through the integration of theory and practice. We will do this by placing emphasis on


To be the private higher education institute of choice, providing access to quality, 21st-century education.


Embury’s organisational values have been part of the Embury way since 1995. These values were formulated in the context of the morals and ethics in which Embury wishes its clients (in other words, the students) to be educated. Embury's organisational values positively influence students’ character development, the quality of students as teachers, as well as good corporate citizens that Embury are training for the future. Embury's values are also communicated to potential students, so that they can take these values into account when deciding whether or not to enrol as an Embury student.

Embury believes that excellence is the key goal that the organisation and its students should strive for in everything that we do, as embodied in our organisational motto: excellence in teacher education.

Embury has established four indicators or determinants that underlie the goal of excellence. These indicators are:

Embury's organisational values take into account the indicators of excellence above. Our organisational values influence character development, positively impact on ethical behaviour, and have a direct impact on Embury’s ethical practices. We believe that the better we conform to the organisational values, the better unified we will be as an organisation, and the better we will grow as corporate citizens.

Good ethical practices build trust among each other and strengthen external stakeholder relationships. These organisational values also inform policy formulation and form the yardstick against which behaviour of all employees and students are assessed.

All directors, managers and employees of Embury head office and its campuses should aspire to practice the organisational values of Embury, which have been built on the goal of excellence that underlie the Embury way as an organisational culture. If we all live the Embury values and the Embury way, we will achieve our goal of excellence, and our internal and external stakeholders will have a positive brand experience.

The Embury values and their associated behaviours are as follows:




  • Honour and respect others.
  • Be humble and proud of your colleagues and students.
  • In all cases and at all times, be guided by honesty.
  • Value and embrace diversity.
    • It’s the Embury way.



  • Be a dedicated team player.
  • Honour your commitments to the team.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Always aim to be better than you were yesterday.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively.
  • Focus on finding solutions, rather than problems.
  • Act as a change agent: making a difference begins with you.
    • It’s the Embury way.


  • Be compassionate.
  • Create strong and open relationships.
  • Support people who work for you and with you.
    • It’s the Embury way.


To apply Embury's organisational values in our daily lives, we all aspire, individually and collectively, to the following: