Bachelor of Education Honours in Inclusive Education

The purpose of the Bachelor of Education Honours in Inclusive Education [BEdHons (Inclusive Education)] programme is to prepare students for research-based postgraduate studies in the field of inclusive education. It serves to consolidate and deepen a student’s theoretical and professional knowledge of the field and to develop appropriate research capacity in methodology and techniques appropriate for addressing issues of inclusive education in the South African context. This qualification demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence and will empower students with research skills and disciplinary knowledge to identify educational issues and to effectively plan, execute, and report on these critically at a postgraduate level.


The BEdHons (Inclusive Education) aims to encourage and support educators in developing skills that strengthen their capacity to identify critical issues and to conduct and develop research informed solutions to promote inclusive education in classrooms, schools and communities. Thus, this programme will prepare



Duration: 18 Months

Admission Requirements 

The minimum admission requirement is:

  • a four-year professional teaching degree; OR
  • an appropriate Bachelor degree and a recognised professional teaching qualification; OR
  • a professional teaching qualification(s) as well as an Advanced Diploma in a cognate sub-field of Education.
  • Submission of the reflective writing task which consists of the answers to two open-ended questions

STADIO BEdHons Application Reflective Task 2020

Teaching and Learning Delivery 

STADIO School of Education (SSoE) delivers teaching and learning events through a Flexible Hybrid Learning Environment (FHLE) – a unique education approach that provides students with maximum flexibility in pursuing their studies. Students have a choice of four options to engage with the weekly structured and scheduled online learning events allowing for the opportunity to interact live as well as at a later stage with lecturers while in the comfort of their home, workplace or nearest Learning Centre. For more information regarding this please click on the button below.

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