Embury Institute for Higher Education is a fully accredited private higher education institution that specialises in teacher education, specifically for pre-school and primary school teachers (Foundation and Intermediate Phases). Embury was established in 1995, and we believe that we produce some of the best trained teachers in South Africa. If you don't believe us, read this 2015 report by the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE). Herewith some extracts from the report:

The success rates of students in [Embury's] own programmes compare favourably with, or exceed, the various indicators of throughput at public universities. In 2013, for example, the success rate of the 100 students in their first year of the B Ed programme was 90 per cent, and of the 200 students in their fourth year, 70 per cent.

The lecturers are highly motivated, professional and experienced and the classes are smaller than those of public universities, allowing for more interaction with students.

It allocates considerably more time and attention to practical teaching than public HEIs. Their student teachers alternate between a week in schools and a week at Embury for their academic studies. Final year students spend an extended period of six to eight weeks in a school. During their degree they obtain experience in different types of schools – poorly resourced, well-resourced, and special needs schools.

By all accounts, Embury has developed a good, replicable model for private delivery of high-quality ITE for ECD and FP teachers, which offers some useful insights for the expansion of private provision


We believe that our Teaching Practice model sets us apart from all other institutions that train teachers in South Africa. Where other institutions, including public universities, require that students spend about 6 weeks per year doing teaching practice in a school as a single block session, Embury's students spend one week in class and one week in a school during the first three years of our four-year BEd Foundation Phase degree! This means that:


In addition to our full-time qualifications, Embury offers a variety of very popular Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) short courses that are aimed at existing teachers. Since 2002, we have trained more than 16 000 teachers on our CPTD courses!


Embury's head office and main campus building is situated in Embury House, which is in Lilian Ngoyi Road, Morningside, Durban, where we enrol about 900 student teachers every year.  We have two registered sites of delivery, namely Embury House and Henwood House. Henwood House is a two-minute walk from Embury House. Click here for more information about our Durban campus.


We are excited to announce the opening of two campuses in Gauteng, namely Embury Montana in Pretoria and Embury Waterfall in Midrand. Both these campuses will be operational in the 2018 academic year.

To read more about our Montana campus, click here.

To read more about our Waterfall campus, click here.


Embury plans to open a new campus in the Western Cape in 2019. All new campuses are subject to regulatory approval.


From 2016, Embury offers short courses and our Higher Certificate in Pre-school Education (NQF Level 5) and a Diploma in Grade R Teaching (NQF 6) via distance learning. Our distance learning courses are supported through Embury Connect and Interact (ECI), Embury's online student portal. Through ECI, students can download study material, do online tests, upload assignments, and interact with other students. Embury plans to offer more of its qualifications through distance learning in the near future.

Close full history…


In 1995, Dr Edwina Grossi founded Train-a-Child (TAC) to meet the need for early childhood education and training in Durban. In 1999, TAC was registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Education (DOE) and gained recognition from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for its Certificate and Diploma programmes.

In 2000, Embury Education and Training Centre (EETC) was established by Dr Grossi, Mr. Dan Wessels and Mr. Johan Human. In 2002, EETC entered into a collaboration agreement with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) (the former University of Port Elizabeth) Diploma students to complete the third and fourth year of the NMMU B.Ed. Foundation Phase qualification on the EETC campus in Durban.

In 2004 EETC entered into a collaboration agreement with Unisa, which enabled EETC to provide full-time teacher education for the Intermediate and Senior Phases, as well as full-time and part-time tuition for the Unisa B.Ed. Honours qualification on EETC's campus.

During 2005, TAC submitted its own B.Ed. Foundation Phase qualification to the Council on Higher Education (CHE) for accreditation. In November 2005, TAC received full accreditation from the CHE as an institution, as well as accreditation for the following qualifications:

- Certificate in Pre-School Education
- Diploma in Pre-School Education and Foundation Phase Teacher Assistant
- B.Ed. Foundation Phase

In 2005, the business operations of TAC and EETC were amalgamated, and Embury was established. In December 2008, Embury was registered as a Private Higher Education Institution.


On 1 January 2013, the founding shareholders of Embury sold their shares to Curro Holdings Limited, a JSE-listed private schooling company. Dr Edwina Grossi and Mr Dan Wessels retired from Embury and Mr Johan Human was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Embury. The acquisition by Curro was good news for Embury’s students, since it meant that their potential to obtain posts after completing their studies became much wider.