Embury Waterfall Campus

About Embury Waterfall

Embury Waterfall campus is situated in Midrand, Gauteng, close to the popular Mall of Africa and near the Allandale off-ramp. Conveniently located between Pretoria and Johannesburg – a meeting point of two great cities that offer the best in private higher education to aspiring graduates. Embury Waterfall is an upmarket campus featuring sleek architectural design boasting state of the art computer labs, IT rooms, lecture venues, recreational areas for students and library facilities - all in a safe and secure environment.

Embury Waterfall is geared towards 21 st -century education. This means our programmes focus on tried-and- tested as well as cutting-edge practices, we utilise the latest technological equipment, and our learning environments are designed to help students realise their full potential. Furthermore, our lecturers and academic staff have been carefully selected to ensure students receive only the best tuition.

Campus life

We at Embury understand that there is more to life than just studying. Developing future graduates means that we are also developing socially responsible individuals who are capable of balancing work and study deadlines with play. With this in mind, every effort has been made to ensure our students have the best of both worlds; we offer counselling services, a Student Representative Council (SRC), upmarket canteen and recreational areas and the popular Mall of Africa that is just around the corner.

Nearby accommodation

Embury Waterfall, unlike Embury Montana, does not offer residence facilities as there is ample provision for accommodation in and around the campus. Embury Waterfall is also conveniently located near major public transport and taxi routes.


We currently offer studies towards the following qualifications at Embury Waterfall: