Distance Learning (DL) Short Courses​

Embury offers various short courses through distance learning. These short courses are based on what we teach our student teachers, so you can also benefit from this learning experience. Embury's short courses are aimed at the following people:

  1. ECD practitioners, pre-school educators and childminders who are not formally qualified and who do not have Grade 12
  2. Foundation Phase teachers who want to refresh their knowledge and skills
  3. Parents who are interested in early childhood development or who are home-schooling their young children.
A short course can never replace the need for a formal qualification. In other words, a short course does not provide you with a Certificate with which you can look for employment at a school or pre-school.


In order to study an Embury short course, you need to have access to a computer, an email address, and access to the internet. We follow an internet-supported model, which means that you will receive your core study material and textbooks in hardcopy via courier, but will have to download supplementary readings (such as CAPS documents) from our online student portal. You will also have to do online tests, upload your assignment and interact with other students online, so it is essential that you are connected to the internet if you want to do our short courses. Please note that Embury's short courses do not carry any credits towards our formal qualifications.

Embury offers the following short courses via distance learning:

​​If you want to study a credit-bearing short course, you can study one of Embury’s credit-bearing modules in our Higher Certificate in Pre-school Education. Click here for more details.​